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Frequently asked questions

A referral is counted as successful as soon as the trial period ends and the store starts paying Subify (either for plans or for transaction fees). Remember, fraudulent installations may cause suspension.

Acceptable Shopify stores are the ones that are built on Shopify and have a Basic Shopify plan or higher.​

Commission rate is calculated based on two types of in-app payments: plan upgrade and subscription transaction fee. Affiliates will be rewarded by 25% of any in-app payment.

Learn more about payment policies here.

The minimum amount an affiliate needs to reach in earnings, so they can ask for withdrawing their balance is 100$. Also, all cash-outs are available on the 24th of every month through PayPal. The maximum earnings you can earn is approximately 1,300$ monthly for every customer you bring in (due to a maximum of 5,000$ in-app transactions fee).

Anyone can become a Subify partner: enthusiast merchants using the app, ecommerce trainers, YouTube influencers, Facebook groups managers, Shopify theme developers, Shopify partners, Shopify freelancers, etc.

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