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How the Subify Partnership Program works

If you are not familiar with Subify partnership program,
check the partnership page first.

Partnership program in nutshell

Welcome to the Subify partnership program. In short, this program has 3 stages:

  1. Join Program and get your referral link
  2. Share Link on social media, blog posts, client database, etc.
  3. Get Rewarded for promoting Subify per each installation and in-app payment

Earn Limitless, Lifetime.

Earn up to $1,300 monthly for every customer you refer, Lifetime.
  • Get 15$ per each successful installation on acceptable Shopify stores
  • Get lifetime 25% commission on every transaction made by the user you referred
      • Transactions can be categorized in this two groups:
          • Plan upgrades (Free, 49$ or 199$ Plan)
          • 1-2% transaction fee per each order (There is a 5,000 limit on transaction fees. So, stores with more than 500,000 subscription revenue only pay 5,000$, and its commission would be 1,250$)
So, you can earn up to $1,302.75 monthly for every customer you bring in, Lifetime.

15$ + 25% ( 199$ + 5,000$ ) = 1,314.75$

How do I start earning?

Our partnership program is currently available on the Shoffi platform. Once you have signed up for the Shoffi Partner Program here, you will be provided with a unique referral link through which your audience can sign-up. Whether it’s through a blog, video or social media, spread the word about Subify to help entrepreneurs start and scale their stores with Subify subscription app.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is a referral counted as successful?
A referral is counted as successful as soon as the trial period ends and the store starts paying Subify (either for plans or for transaction fees). Remember, fraudulent installations may cause suspension.

What are acceptable Shopify stores?
Acceptable Shopify stores are the ones that are built on Shopify and have a Basic Shopify plan or higher.

How are commissions calculated?
Commission rate is calculated based on two types of in-app payments: plan upgrade and transaction fee.
For example, a store installs Subify and upgrades to our Ultimate plan which is 199$ per month. Imagine that this shop has a 50,000$ monthly subscription revenue. At the end of the month, the user will pay 699$ to Subify (199$ for plan upgrade + 500$ for 1% transaction fee). You, as a referrer, will be paid 174.75$ (25% of 699$) for that month.
Learn more about payment policies here.

How are the payment cycles?
All cash-outs are available on the 24th of every month through PayPal. Installation reward will be available after the free trial period. Commission based payouts are available 30 days after the store has been billed, and its Shopify partner payout has been completed.
Learn more about payment policies here.

Is there any limitation for rewards?
The minimum amount an affiliate needs to reach in earnings, so they can ask for withdrawing their balance is 100$. Also, all cash-outs are available on the 24th of every month through PayPal. The maximum earnings you can earn is approximately 1,300$ monthly for every customer you bring in (due to a maximum of 5,000$ in-app transactions fee).

When will the commissions end?
Never. As long as the referred store is using Subiy, you will be paid. It’s a lifetime commitment.

Who can become a Subify partner?
Anyone can become a Subify partner: enthusiast merchants using the app, ecommerce trainers, YouTube influencers, Facebook groups managers, Shopify theme developers, Shopify partners, Shopify freelancers, etc.

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