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Subify Partnership Payment Policies

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Partners Payments Calculations

Subify partner program payments are based upon successful installations and commissions on users transactions.

Before going through, let’s define some terms.

  • Successful installation: A referral is counted as successful as soon as the trial period ends and the store starts paying Subify (either for plans or for transaction fees). Remember, fraudulent installations may cause suspension.
  • User transactions: There are two types of in-app payments which make up user transactions, “Plan” and “Transaction Fee” payments.

So, when you join us in our partnership program, you will be paid for the transaction gross amount.

Let’s come up with an example on
FreshFace Cosmetic Store:

FreshFace installs Subify via your referral link on September 21th and activate the Ultimate plan. On October 5th, after the 14-day trial, FreshFace is now charged for its Subify Ultimate plan which costs 99$ per month.

At this stage, you can count on the 2$ for FreshFace successful installation, since the free trial period has passed and the store has started paying Subify.

FreshFace makes its first subscription rule on FreshLipBalm through Subify and start selling at 13$ through subscriptions. FreshFace sells 200 FreshLipBalms and makes 2,600$ every month. Subify Ultimate plan has a 1% transaction fee, so FreshFace will pay 26$ on account of its subscription sales.

In total, FreshFace is charged 125$ every month.

You’ll earn 25% of FreshFace transaction gross amount which is 25% * 125$ = 31.25$.

FreshFace continues using Subify. It adds more subscription rules to its products and its subscription revenue increases from 2,600$ to 10,000$.

With the increase in FreshFace transaction fees (from 26$ to 100$), you’ll earn more month after month. This is a lifetime commitment and as long as your referral is growing, your earning will grow as well.

Your second month earning will be 25% * 199$ = 49.75$.

Partners Payments cycles

You won’t be paid immediately after the merchant is charged!

In the Subify partnership program, all cash-outs are available on the 24th of every month through PayPal. Also, all Subify payouts are available 30 days after the store has been billed, and its Shopify partner payout has been completed.

Let’s get back to our example, FreshFace Store.

As you remember, FreshFace installed the app on September 21th. Its free trial ended on October 5th and simultaneously, the first transaction completed (99$ for Subify Ultimate plan). Imagine that there are no other transactions by FreshFace.

In this case, you won’t be paid on October 24th. As mentioned before, all Subify payouts are available 30 days after the transaction has been completed, unless the Shopify partner billing is not paid yet. The period between the first transaction (October 5th) and October cash-out date (October 24th) is less than 30 days.

Therefore, when the 30-day period passes (November 4th), you will be able to consider 33.25$ (2$ for successful installation + 31.25$ for commission on plan payment) as your reward. Remember that you can get your reward on the upcoming cash-out day on November 24th.

Now, let’s see what happens to transaction fee commissions.

FreshFace made its first subscription rule for FreshLipBalm on September 22th. Here is its FreshLipBalm subscription revenue data during September and October.

On 24th October, you won’t be paid for any of these transactions. But, the payout on 24th November includes these items:

  1. Successful installation reward (2$)
  2. Plan transaction commission made on 5th October (24.75$ –  25% * 99$)
  3. Transaction fee commission from 5th October to 25th October (3.22$ – 25% * Transaction Fees)

Attention! The transaction fee is not calculated in the free trial period. So transactions made before 5th October are not included. Also, transactions which have not passed the 30-day period, are not included in the November payout.

So, you will be paid 29.97$ on 24th November.

This timeline can make the cycles more comprehensible.

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