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11 Black Friday Strategies for the Subscription Services

Black Friday Strategies for the Subscription Services

If you’re still dubious about the significance of Black Friday strategies for the subscription brand you’re running, let us ask you a question. 
Have you checked out Shopify’s black Friday statistics from last year? Spoiler alert: it’s gonna shock you.

According to the article published by the Shopify team, in the two weeks between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Shopify store owners generated $6.3 billion USD in sales worldwide, up 23% from 2020. It’s quite a number; isn’t it?
When you run a subscription service, you offer a product that is valuable enough to keep customers coming back to you. Wouldn’t this year’s Black Friday be a golden opportunity for you to boost your sales even more than usual?

Even if you don’t have a big customer base, it’s your big day to introduce yourself. Take your chance to connect with customers that will stay with you for the next weeks/months/even years!

This year’s BFCM is pretty close, and businesses are preparing to set yet another record with Black Friday just around the corner. Haven’t started planning Black Friday strategies for the subscription service you offer?

Don’t worry buddy…we’ve got you.

What make Black Friday special in subscription deals?

In the United States, Black Friday is celebrated on the day after Thanksgiving. On this shopping day, you will find unbelievable deals in online and in-person shopping. It marks the beginning of the new shopping season for many retailers, which provides special discounts and sales.

Cyber Monday (the first Monday after Black Friday) is an important day for consumers too, as it is the day when they return to work after the holiday season. It even had a record number of $10.8bn in 2020 (even higher than the numbers on Black Friday that year).

In a nutshell, for the United States and the United Kingdom, Black Friday is the biggest time of year for online shopping.

The vast experience of BFCM sales in the past few years has expanded its territory beyond US and UK, and many subscription sellers – even those who provide subscription services instead of subscription products – cannot ignore it due to its popularity. Neither should you!

So, why exactly should you treasure this occasion to think of Black Friday strategies for the subscription service you’re selling?

1. Mobile purchase is convenient

Mobile devices make online shopping more convenient than in-store shopping on Black Friday, with more and more people doing their shopping on their phones. Good news is: Subify will provide subscription widgets on the mobile device that are just as perfect as the desktop view.

2. Sales are incredibly increased:

There is a significant increase in sales for those who offer discounts on Black Friday (and throughout the whole weekend). The volume of orders is seven times higher than usual, which results in around six times the usual revenue.

Use Black Friday strategies for the subscription service you offer to increase the online purchases of your store
Use Black Friday strategies for the subscription service you offer to increase the online purchases of your store

3. Let people know and LOVE your brand:

Customers love surprises and are always thrilled by thrilling deals that blow their minds. Black Friday strategies for the subscription services benefit eCommerce & online brands by building brand awareness, establishing trust, and increasing user engagement. When you offer an exciting BFCM, you will have a much higher chance of attracting traffic to your store. Even if you don’t make any sales at the moment, you have gained a lot of new contacts who could be your future customers.

4. You’re more likely to receive a higher CLV:

Shopify reports that 64% of retailers acquire customers during Black Friday/Cyber Monday for a lower lifetime value (LTV) than they do at other times. However, you’re at a big advantage here. Subscription services are the ever-spinning wheels of the business; you’re more likely to keep subscribers than you are to keep one-time buyers returning for more.

Boost your subscription sales with these 11 Black Friday strategies

Boost your subscription sales with these 11 Black Friday strategies

So, how do subscription businesses like yours stand to gain from this occasion? It’s a big chance for attracting buyers that will bring repetitive revenue. And now that you know about the clear benefits of this day, we believe you’re ready to work on the Black Friday strategies for the subscription service you’re offering.
We have put together these tips to help you:

1. Discount:

Discounts are the inseparable elements of Black Friday sales. Building customer loyalty and driving repeat business can be accomplished by offering exclusive deals and discounts to these customers. You can encourage your customers to come back on days other than Black Friday by showing them that you value their loyalty.

2. Make sure your website is SEO-friendly:

Black Friday is an eCommerce bonanza, with countless eCommerce sites competing for top Google rankings. Your website must be optimized for online shoppers if you want to rank well. Improved search ranking will lead to higher conversion rates and you’ll be able to beat the competition.

    • Keywords: Make your BFCM keywords relevant to shoppers’ search terms. Take the time to research keywords, then incorporate them into your site. Don’t overuse keywords and keep your voice natural.
    • loading time: Search engines penalize sites with long loading times. Optimizing your hosting service and compressing your images will help improve your site’s speed. As a matter of fact, your website speed will be minimized when you use Subify as your subscription app too.
    • Product name and description: Choosing the right name and description for your product will make it easier for users to discover and purchase your product. You can add details to your product description which will give out more information about your offer. Adding holiday-themed names to your products is also one of the best Black Friday strategies for the subscription service you’re selling!

3. Make your store ready for mobile devices:

Traffic volumes via mobile devices have outpaced those via desktops in recent years. Don’t miss out on mobile shoppers by not testing your website and making improvements now. Also note that, although Subify is perfectly compatible with different devices, you can always reach out to our customer support specialists to receive special customizations if you like!

Black Friday strategies for subscription services include enhancing the mobile buying experience
Black Friday strategies for subscription services include enhancing the mobile buying experience

4. Use Google, Facebook, or Instagram ads:

Facebook advertising is an effective way to get more visibility and channel customers to your business. Plan your content before posting it and make sure to use the right wording that will attract the most customers. You can reach customers at any stage throughout the purchase cycle by using these advertising platforms. Your Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales will be well on their way with a well-executed campaign.

5. Check your stock status:

To move slower-moving products off your shelves, plan special offers or deals now, and restock your most popular items.

The Black Friday sales are expected to bring in a large number of new customers. For this reason, the shopping journey should be as easy and accurate as possible, so that there are no confusions or hesitations (including Size, weight, and material specifications is also one of the must-have Black Friday strategies for the subscription services).

Check your inventory numbers and make sure you’re ready for an increase in subscription orders. 

6. Use stories:

In the subscription business, your customers are your biggest investments. BFCM is the best time for bringing in some case studies and buying stories from your customers. Highlight the positive feedback you’ve received from your customers (through product reviews or social media platforms) and make your product look verified. It is more likely that people will purchase an item that has already been favored by others.

7. Use emotional triggers

The biggest difference between the BFCM customers and your regular customers is that these people enter your store, ready to make a purchase. By peppering your website with different emotional triggers, you can seal the deal!

Inject some urgency in your sales, using:

    • Expiring discount (e.g. next week only)
    • Limit the subscribers (e.g. first 10 buyers only)
    • Count-down timers on landing pages (e.g. only 10 days to go)

Keep in mind, though, that too much urgency should be avoided. While it may result in a few extra sales, it could damage your reputation with prospects.

8. Create a gift guide:

The holiday shopping season often begins with Black Friday. Most people are eager to cross as many names off their Christmas shopping list as possible. It makes their job so much easier if they’re given a holiday gift guide.

Creating different gift guides for various target audiences (Gift for mom, Subscription as a gift, Think outside the subscription box for this Christmas gift, etc.) is one of the most creative Black Friday strategies for the subscription service you’re promoting. You can add these guides to your landing page or email marketing campaigns, and If you have an Instagram account make sure to make use of Instagram guides too. 

9. Create a subscription box:

This occasion is one of the best opportunities for creating a subscription box and promoting your brand as a subscription service. Make a collection of your best products and sell them as a subscription/mystery/gift box. With a low cost, people will be more likely to subscribe to an item individually after sampling your service too. Prepare tempting product pictures and descriptions for your subscription box and try to make it as fun as possible!

One of the Black Friday strategies for subscription services is promoting subscription boxes
One of the Black Friday strategies for subscription services is promoting subscription boxes

10. Take care of your existing customers:

Getting new, first-time customers isn’t the only goal of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Think about ways in which you can motivate your existing customers during this busy shopping weekend too.

Think about rewarding your existing customer base with personalized discount codesfree deliveriesfirst-hand access to new products, exclusive deals for subscribers, and upsell opportunities that help with strengthening your relationship with these users.

11. Run raffles and contests:

In addition to driving traffic to your website or store, raffles, and social media contests can increase brand awareness and lead generation. Your target audience will be interested in the prize if you offer it and encourage them to participate and share this contest among their friends. We’re all more likely to trust a brand if a friend recommends it; aren’t we?

As one of the Black Friday strategies for the subscription service you’re promoting, ask your customers to tag their followers or repost your content on their stories.

Black Friday? Seems a Bit Golden to Me!

We do understand the ups and downs of running a subscription service, and we’re here to promise you: you’re gonna make it far.

A solid strategy is crucial to successfully attract attention and boost sales during Black Friday, one of the busiest shopping seasons of the year.

It’s all up to your business needs and preferences whether the campaign lasts an entire month or for a weekend. Take advantage of the Black Friday marketing ideas above no matter which option you choose to earn more sales this holiday season.
But…more important than that, it is crucial to have a subscription application that you can trust. Managing the widget, discounts and orders can be a lot to handle for one person (or even a team) at these busy times.

And guess what? Subify has a great team of developers, designers, customer support specialists, and sales managers that are all more than happy to help.

Don’t stress over the Black Friday holidays; press the button, and count on us!

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