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How to Set up Subscriptions on Shopify: A 5-Step Guide

Have you heard about Better Booch? This company has been selling Kambucha for over a decade now.
In their recent interview with Shopify, the Lockerbies shared how setting subscriptions on Shopify was their key to success.

After building subscriptions on Shopify, Ashleigh and Trey can now offer Better Booch customers weekly, biweekly, and monthly kombucha subscriptions in just a few clicks, and making better money is allowing them to do better things with their business.
In fact, the interview indicates that 70% of Better Booch’s orders are now coming from their subscriptions!

Are you looking for ways to improve your customer loyalty? Want to learn how to keep your customers coming back to your stores again and again? Well, that’s what subscriptions are all about.

Subscription models are the future face of eCommerce and today we’d like to show you how to build one on Shopify, one of the best platforms available.

What Is a Shopify Subscription Model?

Subscription businesses on Shopify are businesses that deliver certain products or services on a recurring basis. By subscribing to a product or service, subscribers make sure they’re gonna receive their required items on their chosen frequencies, and in many cases, they can also save some money!

Subscription models can be applied to a vast variety of product types. From coffee beans to online therapy sessions, shop owners are using subscriptions on Shopify to improve their services. However, Shopify’s most common subscription categories are:

  • Apparel
  • Food and drink
  • Clothing accessories
  • Health
  • Beauty and Fitness
  • Face and body care
  • Home and Garden
  • Pet food and supplies

A few clicks will be all it takes for people to receive these supplements. Can you imagine your products being sold through a subscription widget? To us, the answer is: why not?

The Subify Subscriptions app is perfectly implemented into the multipurpose Online Store 2.0 Shopify theme – Vendy Pro. With Vendy Pro, you can quickly build a professional website and start selling your products online.

What Makes Shopify the Right Platform for Subscriptions?

“It’s the best experience for the customer, and the best experience for us. It’s a reliable sale that we can count on. And for them, it’s no fuss.”
Ashleigh Lockerbie
Co-Founder, Better Booch

Remember Ashleigh’s story at the top of this page? Better Booch is one of the many companies which have taken their business to the next level by building subscriptions on Shopify.

Using Shopify, you can offer subscriptions to your customers so that they can buy the products they want on a regular basis at a fixed price. The result of this service is more fluid revenue planning and inventory management for you too. In brief words: everybody wins!

1. Customers Kept Happy

In the right hands, different types of subscription models can build a great deal of loyalty among customers. You can significantly reduce the chance of your customers canceling their subscriptions if you provide them with their ideal products at a reasonable price and delivery. In comparison to paying $100 or $500 out of pocket for a product, $10 and $20 a month is, of course, an easier option for merchants.

2. Predictable Revenue

Implementing subscriptions on Shopify has the advantage of bringing predictability and consistency in income. When you only receive payment when you make a sale or complete a task, owning a business can be very stressful. What if you weren’t in the mood for sales or…just had a bad week? There is a place for subscription services here. Consumers pay a fixed fee to receive a product or service at regular intervals through this business model base on subscription pricing models of that business. In this way, you will earn a consistent amount of money every month or year, eliminating the problems of fluctuating income. By eliminating such stress from your workspace, you and your teammates will have a great chance to put effort into other aspects of your business (or just focus on your mental health for a while).

3. Shipping Made Easy

Shipping is easy when you sell the same product every month. A certain number of packages can be expected each month even for companies with different subscription levels. Package sizes and weights can also be predetermined based on the purchased items. In a nutshell, selling subscriptions on Shopify allows you to predict and plan your next months’ shipping NOW.

How Can I Set-Up Subscriptions on My Shopify Store?

Many businesses use Shopify to launch and sell products through their eCommerce platforms. Shopify merchants seek integrative applications that can help them sell subscriptions easily as subscription models in eCommerce and subscription models flourish.

Shopify has made subscription models incredibly easy to use, at any stage in a business’s lifecycle.

Ready to make money? Let’s get started:

1. Prepare your subscription product

There are a few details about what you will offer that you will need to determine before you begin setting up subscriptions on Shopify.

    • Are there any products that you can supply repeatedly? Consider them.
    • On what basis are you planning on shipping your product? Decide the frequencies.
    • Which options would you like to offer to make your subscription box more appealing? Consider free shipping or discounts.
    • Do you need to prepare your website? Make sure your product page’s content and description are up-to-date and plan to promote your subscription model on your social media accounts.

2. Check your eligibility requirements

According to Shopify, payment gateways that support subscriptions include:

    • Shopify Payments
    • PayPal Express
    • Stripe

Make sure to put your product on your Online Store sales channel since it’s the only one that supports subscription products. Also, note that although Shopify supports local delivery options, you can’t use local payment methods in setting up subscriptions on Shopify.

3. Install a subscription app

To set up your website as a subscription model, you have to install a third-party app. At this stage, you can rely on Subify for help with the rest of the setup process. You can create rules with certain products, frequencies, and discounts. Use Subify if:

    • Subscriptions are new to you: With its simplest UX, Subify is the best. Everything is as easy as possible, and all the tools you will need are right at your fingertips. As well as that, there is a super caring customer support team who will be able to answer all your questions and take care of all your needs.
    • You have experience with subscriptions: Not only does Subify allow you to migrate users from other platforms, but it will also help you with doubling your sales with your present and future customers! Subify has Customer Success Managers who will help you maximize the potential of your subscription business. Tips and coachings are right on the table.

4. Check your widget

Make sure that your subscription widget is displayed on the product pages or subscription landing pages which were added to be sold as subscriptions. In case you had a problem with the placement of your widget, Subify Support team will help you with moving it to your ideal place in no time. They will also recommend special customizations for your widget to make it match your theme even better; an all-in-one package!

Grow Your Business With Subscription

Considering a subscription-based business model for your Shopify store is a must if you want to get the most out of your customers. Adding subscriptions to your business will increase your customer lifetime value and make shopping with you even more convenient for your customers. The best part? You don’t need a massive budget, a big team, or complicated tools to get started.

Taking advantage of the right platforms is probably the most crucial step if you are planning to expand your business.

With all this said, why not take a look at Subify today and test your products as subscription items? Use the 14-day free trial; once you imagine your subscription business with Subify, it’s impossible to look back!

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