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Shopify Subscription Apps: What Makes Subify the Best?

Subify: one of the best subscription apps

With recurring, repeated, scheduled fees, subscription apps, and services have found their way through the heart of e-commerce platforms!

In simple terms, subscription services charge customers in a repeated cycle for the products or services they provide. These frequencies can be daily, weekly, monthly, or even annually. Subscription services have proven to be effective in increasing and stabilizing sales, creating customer loyalty, and building data-driven knowledge of the business.

In fact, numbers show that subscriptions have grown by 435% in the last nine years. It’s pretty impressive, isn’t it?
As members of the big e-commerce family, we all know the necessity of being open, creative, and up-to-date. That is why we’re inviting you to consider subscription services for your business, and today in this article, we’re going to introduce just the right tool to get you started!

Why Should I Use Shopify Subscription Apps for My Brand?

It can be challenging to run a subscription business. You’d want to be prepared for the growth and differences in your sales, you’d want to be limitless and open to expansion and you’d want to be true and trustworthy to your customers. From Cosmetics to meal kits, different kinds of companies are going by the subscription model, but let’s review why it is necessary to have the right tool for getting on with the subscription market:

1. Replacing one-time purchases: Normally, Shopify provides you with an Add to cart/Buy it now button that will direct the customer to purchase your items once, and if they want to buy that item again, they’ll have to come back and repeat the process over again (not to mention the risk of running out of stock). Subscription apps will make you needless of theme-developers and sales managers, by presenting the opportunity to have automated recurring purchases, instead of one-time ones.

2. Giving you insights: Choosing subscription apps over manual processes has the advantage of making the decision easier for you. You can learn a lot about what you want and what you need from checking apps’ profiles and going through their reviews. You can even run test attempts and free trials before actually launching your subscription service to have everything checked and prepared.

3. Data-driven knowledge is the best: With an automated service, you won’t miss a single report. This will help you with making your future business plans based on the data extracted from apps. Information such as:

    • Customers’ profiles
    • Customers’ persona
    • Products’ demands
    • Financial ups and downs
    • Seasonal trends

4. You’re not on your own: Choosing the right subscription app will give you the chance of being in touch with the right team. A great subscription app comes with great customer support that is going to help you with your questions and needs. Being able to build the subscription model while receiving instructions is gonna put you way forward in the journey.

10 Reasons Why Subify Is Great!

We’ve been studying eCommerce trends and demands, since years ago, when Hengam was first founded.

As an app studio and after having the experience of helping shop owners with their sales through our other apps, we’ve now built and nurtured Subify to cover everything you need for your subscription service.

So…why exactly is Subify so great?

1. Easy to use: Subify has a simple UX design, unlike many other apps. Everything is easy to access and features have been put in an order which is easy to follow. We don’t want to confuse users, we’re here to make the path easier!

2. Compatible with Shopify themes: We have designed our app’s structure to make it compatible with all Shopify themes. We all know Shopify for its vast library of themes. Subify understands your need for a great look and supports it! It makes sure to view the subscription widget on your store regardless of your theme and will remain your great subscription app, all the same, even if you decide to give it a change!

3. Automated business: After setting up your subscriptions and arranging your products in subscription rules, subify will automatically put a widget on your chosen products. It will allow you to set as many different frequencies and discounts as you need. Your customers will automatically receive emails after subscribing to your products and they’re gonna be automatically billed for the items they’ve subscribed to. Basically, Subify the great is here with you and you won’t have to worry about a thing!

4. Data and records: The “Subscriptions” section of your app panel will keep track of all the subscriptions that have taken place. You’re gonna have access to customers’ current status (active, paused, canceled, etc.) and all the other necessary information such as the date of the customer’s next order or the customer’s chosen frequency since the beginning of their subscription.

5. Have migrated users: as mentioned above, one of the most important characteristics of a subscription service is that it provides shop owners with a detailed profile of their customers. We do not want to lose that precious data, do we? Even if you’ve come to us from another app, you’ll be perfectly fine to import all your previous customers into Subify. We’ll arrange everything for you and you can resume your subscription service from just where you left it off.

6. Subscription box: With Subify, you can create curating subscription boxes, by presenting your own selection of products as a single subscription offer. In fact, according to McKinsey, subscription boxes are pretty popular among customers, making up 55% of all subscriptions in subscription apps!

7. Customization options: Subify will allow you to customize your widget into your ideal choice of words. You can change, add or remove texts and transform them into your own personalized brand.

8. Different templates for subscription widgets: You can choose between four different templates, each designed with extra care and effort by our design team to make everything look standardized and beautiful. The simple yet user-friendly designs are going to play an important role in making your subscription offer bolder and easier to use.

9. Available, dedicated customer support: Here at Subify, we’ve got a fully trained team of support specialists that are not only there to hear your needs and concerns, but also available with technical knowledge, to help you immediately with any issues that may arise. Subify’s support team will be there to instruct you through the entire process of setting up your subscription and they’re going to be happy to answer even the smallest questions you may have. No matter what your requested feature is, our support team will carefully listen to your needs and make sure to document everything to have it reviewed by the team. Delighting customers is our number one priority; count on them as partners, friends, or members of your business family.

10. Customer success management: As Subify grows, we’ll continue to increase our role in helping our customers achieve sales success. By joining our subscription app, you’re gonna be able to be connected to specialized customer success managers that are going to help you with:

    • Achieving a successful launch of your subscription feature
    • Increasing subscriptions by acquiring more users
    • Maintaining your subscribers in the business


Subscription services seem to be the future of eCommerce. In simple words, they create recurring purchases, enhanced brand identity, and strong customer-seller relationships. Regardless of your business size or age, subscription models are knocking at your door, calling for a big change.

There are many important aspects to consider when it comes to running a successful eCommerce subscription business, and subscription apps are here to help you with all these aspects. With all the features above, Subify is more than proud to be helping many shop owners with running their sales. We’re hardworking, trustworthy, and dedicated (we do even think out of the subscription box).

Check Subify today, explore the app, create a subscription rule, or even have a chat with our support team; you’re always welcome here!

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