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Offer the Best Black Friday Subscription Deals with these 9 Subify Tools ​

the Best Black Friday Subscription Deals with these 9 Subify Tools

As a seller, what makes your offer the best Black Friday subscription deals out there?

Trust us, we do understand your struggle. There is a lot of competition going on and it is quite difficult to stand out from the crowd. Everybody’s trying their best to use the right Black Friday strategies; special discounts, all-in-one packages, free shipping, gift boxes, and so on.

Having made $6.3 billion USD last year, Shopify owners are not going to miss this year’s Black Friday. The stage is promising and worth pursuing. Flows of increased revenueimproved customer loyalty, and enhanced brand awareness are only a few of the benefits that a proper BFCM sale can bring to your Shopify store.

So, how is your Black Friday subscription deal different from others? In eCommerce, strategy isn’t everything; tools and teams are.

To help you with your Black Friday sales, the team at Subify has been hard at work for the past few months to prepare a package of features.
This year, Subify is going to make your boost Black Friday sales; Let’s shine!

What Do I Need from My Subscription App?

Well, that’s mostly up to you. That’s why Subify has been listening to you carefully for the past few months.

As an app developer, receiving a feature request gives Subify an idea of what improvements should be made in the future. According to the kind of results they can achieve, we can then prioritize these requests.

You’ll probably expect practicality, quality, speed, and innovation from your subscription application. In addition to carefully gathering a list of the most requested features, we’ve taken a deep dive into what is working for the subscription market and what’s not; comparing successful Black Friday subscription deals, analyzing statistics, and considering simplicity and efficiency has been a few of the actions we’ve taken for this process.

We’ve listened to you, and now it is our turn to answer.

BFCM Optimization: Win with These 9 Subify Features

To have the unbeatable Black Friday subscription deal, you’ve got to use all the resources you get to gain attention. We’re working on attracting customers that are going to stay with you in the business for days, months, or even years! The goal is to encourage as many people as possible to enter your store and convert them into subscribers as much as we can.

BFCM sales are made easier with these 9 features:

1. Pre-paying:

Adding prepaying as a selling plan type is now possible with Subify. Simply put, you allow your customers to choose the length of their subscription and pay for it in advance. For subscribers, taking advantage of prepayments usually means a discount. By offering a (let’s say) 10% or 15% discount, you’re gonna give your customers the opportunity to buy your product at a lower price, and in return, you’re going to have guaranteed revenue for the days to come. A win-win!

2. Default Purchase:

Don’t we want to make subscriptions our most eye-catching offer?

Subify allows you to offer both one-time purchases and subscription offers in one widget. It’s easy to exclude the one-time purchase from your subscription widget. Still, if it’s something you want to keep offering, Subify allows you to keep both, and highlight your subscription simultaneously!

By choosing the subscription as your default offer, customers will check out the different delivery frequencies and prices on your Black Friday subscription deal as soon as they open your subscription product page. Raised visibility: Raised sales!

3. Notifications:

Being aware of the subscription process makes it a lot safer and easier to handle, both for you and the customers. By enabling the notifications through your Subify settings, you and your subscribers will receive a notification email as soon as a subscription is activated.

    • For you: You can put immediate attention to your important sales and ensure they remain with the company by staying updated at every moment. You will also be able to gain an on-the-spot insight into your sales, which is invaluable for planning inventory management and restocking!
    • For customers: By receiving a notification email at the beginning of their subscription, subscribers will have early access to their Subify portal. It will allow them to monitor their subscription details and change metrics such as payment methods. Providing the customer with information about their purchase helps to reduce the chances of the subscription being canceled after a few days, as well as giving the customer a more positive impression of the service.
When a subscription is activated, customers will receive an email notification

4. Black Friday Widget:

Black Friday Widget

People visit stores on Black Fridays, looking for special offers. And if you offer subscriptions as a selling plan, you’re halfway there.
The question is, how can we make your Black Friday subscription deal irresistible?

At Subify, we’ve spent extra time creating a Black Friday-themed customization for your widgets. If you request one from your app panel, our team will work to customize your widget in a way that not only blends well with the theme of your store but adds an extra touch of Black Friday that no one can forget!

If you prefer a specific color scheme, our team will take care of that as well. Trust us with your widget; we’ll make sure a BFCM badge is attached to your widget to make your special deals stand out!

5. Black Friday Landing Page:

No subscription landing page? They’re crucial for better conversion rates!
By creating subscription landing pages for subscription products, your customers can learn about your special offers and make informed decisions after comparing your offers.

Subify doesn’t want you to worry about hiring designers and working with developers. If you would like your brand to have a subscription landing page, all you have to do is ask our Customer Success team!

We’ll create you a landing page that not only matches your store team but is also customized for BFCM!

Special customizations for your Black Friday subscription deal
Make Your Subscription More Visible with a BFCM Customization

6. Email Marketing with Automation:

There are a bunch of different ways through which you can make use of email marketing. A great example would be sending emails to your customers to let them know you’re offering an exceptional Black Friday subscription deal!

With no need to install an extra app, Subify is now totally compatible with Shopify automation. All you have to do is check the marketing tab on your Shopify admin page, and look for Subify in your installed app triggers.

You can edit your email’s content based on your targets, make automation live or draft, and send test emails to check the results. (an all-in-one package; isn’t it?)

7. Tag Management:

Subify automatically tags all orders and customers. Various tasks can be completed using these tags. You can count on them to help you organize your product and data. However, they offer way more than that:

Make integrations with other apps or websites
Organize your inbox
Run email automation for tagged customers (special discounts, members-only content, win back lost sales, etc.)

8. Billing Management:

If you decide to set up subscriptions on Shopify, you should expect failed payments.
Sometimes, customers do not have the money to pay the fees they must pay, or they simply forgot to do so. Whatever the situation, you should have a strategy for overcoming it.
With Subify’s latest release, we’ve added an option to the app’s settings that automatically retries charging customers at the selected intervals when the payment fails. It is possible to select the number of retries you want to make and the time interval between each retry. The subscription will still remain active if all retries fail, and payment will be retried again on the next billing date.

9. Customer Success Operations:

Regardless of how many users we have, our Customer Success team will always devote personal attention to every customer, and that’s what makes Subify significant, compared to all the other subscription apps in the market.
In addition to all the tools above, in order to offer an excellent Black Friday subscription deal, you can always count on our team to check your store and give insights and advice that works best for you, and only you.

We treasure friendships, support, and human connections. So believe us when we say this; we won’t leave you alone.

Promote your Black Friday subscription deal with our customer success team
Reach Out to Our Customer Success Team for an Inclusive Service

Wrap up

By following a few simple steps, you’ll be more than ready to receive Black Friday sales.

Preparing your store, making data-driven decisions, and raising brand awareness is not as difficult as it sounds…with the right tools!

Get a taste of Subify’s BFCM-optimized features by taking a tour. Remember that whenever you need our support, success, or sales team, they are always ready to assist you.

Black Friday’s around the corner, and we’re here to help you win.

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