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Subify Webinar:How to Acquire Your First 10 Subscribers

Do you want to know how to acquire subscribers in the early days? In this webinar, we’ll let you know about the tools you can use to better attract new customers to your website. On top of that, we’ll share extremely insightful tips and tricks to differentiate yourself and make a successful business since helping you grow is a crucial part of Subify’s mission and vision.

Webinar Agenda


Christopher George

A serial entrepreneur at heart, Christopher has successfully launched and managed seven businesses so far, selling two in the process, including Gentleman’s Box. Chris is dedicated to sharing the lessons he learned in his career to empower and inspire others. He does both during his talks at e-commerce conferences across the country, including the world’s largest event dedicated to subscriptions, memberships, and recurring revenue. Chris also inspires college students across the country by giving guest lectures on entrepreneurship and offering his mentorship to those who are excited about creating impactful brands.

SubSummit is the first and only conference devoted to those who work in or alongside the DTC subscription industry. It is the largest event dedicated to the subscription industry.

Chris Koh

Starting his tech career at a young age, Chris Koh, the Founder & CEO of GemPages, has achieved success in the eCommerce industry with his tech business. Equipped with knowledge of computer science and more than a decade of experience in eCommerce, Chris has collaborated with numerous well-known global brands to provide tailor-made eCommerce solutions. After years of witnessing the challenges faced by e-Sellers worldwide, he took the lead in creating GemPages, a page builder for Shopify.

GemPages now becomes one of Shopify’s top 03 page builders, serving over 165,000 merchants and creating over 1.7 million store pages. Its success is evidenced by its impressive product statistics, including over 30,000 monthly downloads and 120,000+ unique website visitors per month. GemPages has been utilized by numerous renowned brands, including MOSCHINO, ANNA SUI, and Mead Johnson Nutrition and more.

Raúl Galera

Raúl Galera is the Partnerships Lead at ReferralCandy, where he manages the company’s relations with tech partners, agencies and media outlets. He’s been working in the ecommerce technology industry since 2016 after brief stints in the financial and consulting worlds.

ReferralCandy is a dynamic platform designed to supercharge brands with the power of referral and affiliate marketing. Catering especially to Shopify and Shopify Plus stores, it empowers businesses to expand their customer base and boost sales by harnessing the influence of their existing customers.

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